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Our Admission Policy

UCA is a Christian School. This means that we seek to be faithful followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All our staff have professed faith in Christ and it is our desire to see our students and their families make similar commitments. We require that at least one parent of the child be a Bible believing Christian. If you have concerns about this issue please talk with the principal or any of our management board members. UCA seeks to enroll students from families which support the individualized learning system and who are prepared to be team players in the education for their children, and provide a Godly home environment to maintain congruency between home and school. Parents are encouraged to have a daily family devotions time and to be active in the supervision of their child's work.

Having prayerfully decided to apply to enroll your child/children into Umdoni Christian Academy, the next steps are:

Step 1

Application form

Complete an Application Form and return it to the school together with the following requirements
•R150.00 application fee
•Birth Certificate
•Road to Health certificate
•Latest pay slip of both parents or last 3 months bank statements (If requested by school)
•Copy of both parents I.D. books
•Last receipt of previous school’s school fees
•If applicable the previous three year’s report cards


Step 2


A reception interview with the headmaster will be set up for the parents and child.


Step 3

Diagnostic Test

On receipt of the completed Application Form, your child will be required to write a diagnostic test or reading readiness test (Gr.0-12 only) at a cost of R150.00 per child.
The diagnostic tests is a tool used to assess which material each applicant has mastered and where probable gaps may exist. These gaps need to be remedied before the applicant may proceed with their normal curriculum.
NB: The Diagnostic Test(s), Student Conduct form and R75 application fee are non-refundable and form part of the admission criteria and the registration process cannot be completed without them.
Once the Diagnostic Test is completed, the correct curriculum (PACE’s) are ordered for your child. Your child/children’s first few days are spent on orientation into the ACE system.


Step 4

Forms and Orientation
On acceptance of your child into Umdoni Christian Academy, you will be required to complete a Student conduct form, Fee agreement and attend Parent Orientation. Once we have received these documents, a file can be opened and your child will be placed into a Learning Centre and in either David or Taylor House. There is an enrollment fee of R350.00 for Gr. 0 per child and R650.00 for Gr. 1-12 per child.


Step 5

Order your uniforms from our school secretary.

Additional requirement: If a family does not attend Living Rivers Family Church, we would appreciate your attendance at one of our Church services so that you better understand the ministry we relate to.

More About us


U.C.A. is an Independent School offering the Umdoni Community a Christian Based Education system where each learner is allowed to progress according to his/her unique abilities. Our registered, qualified staff are trained to encourage and motivate the children within the classroom and on the sports field.

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Umdoni Christian Academy

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Account No: 100 102 4214
Branch Code: 13352641
Enquiries: staff@umdonica.co.za

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